Everything is turning! Can you spot the balls that spin in the reverse direction?

iTurn! will face you with a challenge you did not encounter before – all objects on your screen are turning fast, and time is running out. Be quick and tap the balls that are different from the rest before the level time has run out. Reach higher levels, discover new graphics and get that highscore!

New version v1.2 now featuring an all new KIDS play mode and a great music score!

iTurn! features eye-blowing graphics and challenging play modes to master, plus 58 achievements for you to collect.

Choose from the following image packs for your game:

    Mindblowing fractal graphics show you the beauty of the fractal world. Don’t forget to play instead of only watching them spin around …
    Find your inner self with these amazing images of peace and meditation.
    Tap your favorite crash symbols – it’s payback time!
    Time is ticking before your eyes!
    Stay awake and tap them fast before your head starts to get dizzy!
Use different skills in these challenging play modes:

  • 4EVER
    Find all reverse balls before the level time runs out and reach the higher levels!
  • KIDS
    Tap all balls, and tap them fast! Kids love this one … Now featuring animal heads and sounds – check out the free version iTurn! Kids
  • TIME
    Collect as many reverse balls as possible in 3 minutes!
    Collect 40 reverse balls as fast as possible!


For iTurn! we got some marvelous resources from some people, so our Special Thanks go to

The iTurn! trailer uses additional sounds from


See you at the games!

2 Responses to “iTurn!”

  1. [...] I’m working with mOOncOw interactive¬†on a new iPhone game, called iTurn! [...]

  2. Hi Matthias,

    I am very curious and like to buy the game when it is relaesed… Loved the demo you gave a few weeks ago!

    Regards, Sibren

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