And just now Fast Photo Note went live on the App Store!

Enabling a quick photo shot and uploading it to the important social media, Fast Photo Note is an ideal lightweight companion to the full-fledged photo note solution My Photo Note.

Check it out on the App Store here!

And the next app is ready for release (from my side, at least – Apple still has its say with the App Review …) and will hit the store next week – Fast Photo Note, a variation on the Photo Note theme. More on it next week when it’s out.

Und zwar hier: Deutsche Anleitung zu My Photo Note

Und jetzt geht’s weiter mit der nächsten My Photo Note Version – endlich der Möglichkeit, zwischen den Fotonotizen in der Vollansicht per Fingerbewegung zu wechseln, so wie im Fotoalbum.

By now the new game InstaMino has hit the App Store – and it started out nicely, generating more daily downloads than my other apps.

It’s about playing dominoes with images from Instagram – thus generating a new set of domino tiles every time you want to, with the neverending supply of Instagram photos. You can play alone, against a friend on the same iDevice with Hot Seat-Mode or with anyone via the Game Center integration.

Check it out here – and if you like it, please leave a good rating on the App Store!



Soooo … had a busy week updating most of the apps again – and the next big app is out of the door and off to the Apple Review!


Watch out for updates to

  • My Photo Note (formerly iPhotoNote – the new name should work better searchwise) with a great new variation on the somewhat dull old app icon
  • iTurn! Kids with a faster gameplay and some bugfixes
  • Size Does Matter with a faster zoom-in-zoom picture creation and optimized save time

And of course the new app: InstaMino!
For now, guess what it is about – it’s possible by looking at the name :-)!

The updates as well as the new app should hit the App Store sometime next week – check them out!

Welcome to the first post in a series that’s going to be quite long, thanks to the never ending joy of XCode peculiarities …

Yesterday I spent some time on a strange behavior of an app that worked without problems up to then: Every time I tried to do an in-app purchase to test it while being connected to XCode, the buy request apparently was sent, but the transaction dialog was never shown. Only when I put the app into the background with the Home button, and then put it in the foreground again- pop, there it was!

After some time of searching for the problem without finding any answer, I did the thing that helps in most cases: Step out of the car, close the door, run around it one time, step in again, start it up – and it works!

In XCode language that means: Stop the execution, clean the build directory (and I mean a full clean, with the ALT key pressed), just to be sure also remove the app from the iPhone, and run it again.

Et voila, no more problems – the transaction dialog just appears when pressing the buy button in the app. Mystery solved – errrr – at least no more problems again ….

My Photo Note App Icon

Little did I know when starting app development … also about choosing the right name for your app.

The easy way out for iPhone apps is to take a describing title for your app (which of course is already taken by someone else nowadays), and just add an i in front.Hence Photo Note > PhotoNote > iPhotoNote.

But there is a big drawback: A name like this will never be found by people searching for your app in the App Store, and only putting the important keywords in the keyword list is not helping you that much either – words in the title of an app count more. Adding the important words in another way to the title mostly looks kind of awkward (there are some apps with a 255 character tile, including all keywords …) and even can get your app rejected by the App Review team.

Lesson learned. So iPhotoNote is going to be My Photo Note from next week on, and will also feature a new colorful variation on the old icon (another lesson learned).

I hope you all will like it – I do for sure!

After some struggling and rewrites Where’s My App? finally has been accepted and will be on the App Store soon.

Where’s My App? is an app tracking app – but one with a twist. Instead of only tracking an app’s position in the official top 300 lists, it also keeps track of the position of an app in the result list of a keyword search on the app store. That means you can finally also see how your app is found by your users – and at which position your app is presented relative to your competitors!

Where’s My App? stores your searches, and you can define search queries for any country stores you like. A more detailed description will follow in the next days.

It only takes a few hours and then it works almost without problems … Lion and XCode 4.3 are finally installed now.

Only my Windows Network connection made some problems, but all of a sudden it started working – who am I to complain about that …

And the scroll wheel direction is reversed in the default setting now (I guess it’s all for touch screens nowadays) – but thank god it’s still possible to switch back to the old setting in the System Preferences (Mouse -> uncheck “Move content in the direction of finger movement”).

Sigh … two days before the release of my newest app I pressed a small innocent button on my iPhone saying “Update to iOs 5.1 now”.

Stupid idea.

Because now I can’t test on the iPhone anymore, as XCode 4.2 does not work with iOs 5.1.

So, just get XCode 4.3 you would think.

But XCode 4.3 does not work with Snow Leopard … you need Lion for it.

So now I’m sitting here waiting for > 4GB to download and install – and hoping all goes well.

Lesson learned … never push anyinnocent looking buttons on iPhones just before releasing a new app.

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